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Inclusive community. Exclusively blueprint.


A shared workplace enables random encounters. A shared interest makes those encounters meaningful.

We are an entrepreneurial co-working community for the exchange of ideas. What's yours?

We offer membership to a space, not a desk.

We're one community with one package:

HKD 4,500/month/pp

We're filling up...come join us!


Planned with precision

All members enjoy equal access to the 10,000+ sq ft space - every element of which was designed with you, the end user, in mind. With 7 bookable rooms, an outdoor meeting area and a self-serve café, there’s a workstation to suit every mood and need.

Perks with purpose

We've crafted our benefits to support your daily routine, both inside and outside of blueprint.


Hotel room



Open 24/7

Outdoor meeting area



Punching bag


Guest passes

High-speed Wi-Fi

Awesome seating

Access to events

Phone booths

Any questions?

Get quick answers with our FAQs.
What are the opening hours?
The space is accessible 24/7. From 8:30 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday, we have a team member stationed at the check-in desk. Outside of normal business hours, you can use your Octopus card to enter.
What are the criteria used to select members?
We’re a tech co-working space – that’s our primary purpose and the reason we have an application process. Apart from this industry focus, we’re not looking for any specific profile and hope to welcome a diverse collection of people from all over the city.
Do you offer part-time membership?
No. We offer one membership package and expect our members to be active participants in the community. If you’re based outside of Hong Kong, we’re happy to discuss a special arrangement for when you’re in town.
What’s security like?
From 8:30 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday, we have a blueprint team member stationed at the check-in counter. Outside of normal hours, there is a Swire Properties building attendant manning the lift lobby entrance on the ground floor, and members must use their blueprint cards to access the space. At all times we have CCTV cameras monitoring the premises.
Are there house rules?
We’re glad you asked! In addition to formal terms & conditions that members must agree to upon joining, we ask that everyone respects the space and each other by following basic guidelines.
Can I have a fixed desk or office if I pay extra?
No. We offer one membership package. We recognise this might not be for everyone, so we encourage you to swing by the space in person to get a feel for it.
Are there computers?
We’re a bring-your-own-device space, but we have charging cables, POP phone handsets and headphones on hand to loan.
I’m one person now but I might grow into a team. Do you have limits on team size?
We welcome teams up to 10 people. As your team grows, we will do our best to accommodate your space needs.

What’s the relationship between the co-working space and the accelerator?
These two components of blueprint are distinct but complementary. The accelerator is located on the floor above and is for 10 B2B startups selected through a competitive application process. Co-working members do not have regular access to the accelerator floor.
When will I hear back?
Our team will review your submission and be in touch soon. Feel free to contact us any time to check on the status of your application.

How can I get in contact?
contact us

Not based in Hong Kong? Email us to explore an arrangement that makes sense with your travel schedule.

Interested in our accelerator? Applications will reopen in April 2016.

For a tour please call +852 9631-1106.

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