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    09 April, 2015

    At blueprint, we place importance on creating a workplace sensitive to the Hong Kong environment and operating with awareness of our carbon footprint. In this constantly evolving climate, blueprint embodies the belief that innovation can be created with minimum impact to the environment. With over 200 blueprint members on site each day, we’ve taken the future into our own hands, with a little help from our friends. 

    Minimising blueprint's environmental impact is at the heart of our design planning - and also of our everyday operations. In partnership with Schneider Electric, advanced lighting and climate controls respond to occupancy levels in each zone. A real-time energy consumption dashboard can now be found on the Footprint page of the blueprint website, enabling usage to be monitored and modified to achieve maximum efficiency. Energy sensors and timers were also implemented into the blueprint space, so members can be aware of the output and usage of energy within their own work environments. 

    Schneider Electric's Laurent Coene from their EcoBuilding Division is enjoying the challenge, and the rewards.  "When it comes to office space such as blueprint, Swire is pushing the boundaries in bringing to a "small" office space what Schneider Electric typically do for very large facility. This creates a game changing approach which could be highly differentiating in places such as Hong Kong. Today people do not visualise the possibilities of smaller scale Energy Management programmes but Swire and Schneider managed to work it out and create real value in terms of money, but also to create a better environment for the people in the office and future generations.

    In terms of results in blueprint, we managed to cut down energy usage by 50% during night times. The platform also allowed us to identify a list of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) that we are in the process of implementing now, to continue saving large amounts of energy without having to do large and costly jobs on the building envelope."

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