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  • Mentor of the Month

    28 January, 2016

    Consultant extraordinaire Donald Austin has raised the stakes with his enthusiasm for business development and his eagerness to create connections that count, making him our undisputed M.V.P this month.

    Providing valuable advice to startups on business processes and project management is his thing, and we’re thrilled to have Donald as a reliable mentor for our accelerator teams to lean on.

    We chatted to Donald Austin, to unearth the things he doesn’t mention on his Linked In profile:

    What do you do when you are not mentoring startups?

    I run a Business and IT Consulting firm that provides Enterprise Resource Planning and cloud-based solutions to multinational and regional companies.  I am also on the Board of Governors of American Chamber of Commerce for Hong Kong.

    And in your downtime, what keeps you vital?

    Sailing in Hong Kong, hanging out with family, and fly-fishing (not in Hong Kong)

    What skills do you bring to the blueprint tech community?

    Local and regional business connections, financial and business process expertise

    What pitfalls commonly plague startups, in your professional opinion?

    Poor planning and lack of understanding their target market

    Project leadership isn’t easy.  Any advice on how entrepreneurs can develop smart business processes from the get-go?

    Doing it alone is very hard.  Try to find partners for your business or at least great team members who can think creatively.

    Any great cloud-based solutions you’d recommend for startups?

    NetSuite, to handle major business processes from Finance to Procurement to CRM.

    What is the weirdest thing you have Googled this week?

    Umm…. I’d better not answer that!

    And finally, what is your favourite Hong Kong life hack?

    Walking - it’s often the best way to get somewhere.  And certainly better for you!

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