Town Hall Large Multi Purpose Event Venue Blueprint HK


for up to 150 persons

In our urban jungle of Hong Kong where space is often a luxury rather than a commodity, large, expansive areas aren’t always easy to come by. Finding the right venue to host a large gathering of more than 50 people can be a struggle, and the choices are often limited and uninspiring. At Blueprint, you can unleash and let your imagination run wild. With a selection of Event Venues, plenty of space, flexible options and settings, your ideas and event guests will be free to roam.

Town Hall Classroom Style Event Blueprint HK Town Hall Speaker View Audience Blueprint HK Town Hall Large Event with Speaker Podium Blueprint HK Town Hall Seminar Training Setup Blueprint HK


165” Ultra-HD floor-to-ceiling TV wall

4 sets of ceiling mounted projectors and drop-down projection screens

4 handheld microphones plus 4 ear-set or clip microphones

Built-in speakers

Web-conferencing equipment available

Various partitioning options

Capacity:  150 persons in theatre setting
  180 persons in standing cocktail setting
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Brace yourself and get ready to take in its magnificence. Pull back the curtain, come inside and discover its grandeur. See for yourself what boundless space, flexibility and imagination can conjure. Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you the Town Hall!

Town Hall Full Theatre Setup Blueprint HK

Welcome to Blueprint’s single, most spacious Event Venue. Spread across 3,000 square feet, there’s enough room to fit a circus. No stranger to acrobatics with its flexible partitioning and setting options, or jumping through hoops of fire with its integrated, full-proof AV-IT set up, the Town Hall is up for any challenge. Along with its modern furnishings and settings, there really is nothing like it.

Town Hall Conference Venue with HD Screen Blueprint HK

In its most natural form as an open box, the Town Hall can cater for up to 150 persons. Neatly seated, row-by-row, theatre style, your audience will be captivated by the 165” ultra-HD TV wall. Project presentations while giving a speech from the podium to a town hall meeting, connect wirelessly while working in the room during a seminar, link up with colleagues and guests from around the world through web-based video-conference, or blast your logo as the backdrop to a panel discussion, press conference or product launch.

Town Hall Enclosed Seminar with Podium Blueprint HK

But don’t be fooled by the box and let it inhibit your creativity. Close your eyes and imagine what you can do with the space sans chairs! Can you see yourself putting up booths, stages, demonstration areas, or perhaps even a run-way? What about immersing your audience in a 360 degree surround experience by synchronising the TV wall with the four 120” projection screens that flank the opposite wall? Or perhaps your message is best delivered by dividing and conquering all five digital displays? For a more organic ambience, let natural light and sounds flow in through the bi-fold windows running along the length of the back (or front) wall.

Town Hall Enclosed Pod Setup Blueprint HK

Beyond the kaleidoscope of possibilities offered by its open box plan, our Town Hall is also prepared to flex its muscles to showcase its true flexibility. It can easily get into the splits by unfurling its double-glass operable wall, dividing the Town Hall into a function and pre-function area. This unique arrangement allows you to keep the audience engaged in the function area with the four large projection screens sharing your pertinent deck, presentation or report, whilst respite is close by in the adjacent pre-function area where refreshments can be served and networking sparks under the glow of your company logo emanating from the TV wall.

Town Hall Pre-Function Area with Flexible Furniture Blueprint HK

Flexibility or magic, we’ll let you decide, when the Town Hall has you seeing double or quadruple. That’s right. The Town Hall’s function area can be split, and split again! Split it once, and you’ll have two Training Rooms with two projection screens per room which are perfect for concurrent workshops or focus groups. Split it thrice for four breakout rooms with one projection screen per room which are great for conferences or as green rooms. And don’t worry about teams overhearing one another, all of the Town Hall’s dividing walls are soundproof (so Chatham House Rules can apply).

Town Hall Enclosed Classroom Setup Blueprint HK

Best of all, you’ll still benefit from the pre-function area. Directly accessible from each room, this invaluable common area will draw all your guests together for spots of mingling and casual exchanges which really are the true magic of hosting events.

Still not enough for you? Combine the Town Hall with our other Event Venues. Co-joined and located on the same floor, you’ll be in awe of the amount of space that you can command and amazed by the flowing creativity and collaboration that will come alive at your event at Blueprint.

It’s almost too good to be true, so come see it to believe it. Book your tour today!

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Looking for something more informal? Check out our Lounge, Café & Terrace which you can privatise for your event.

What’s the price?

Our Event Venues are available for half day or full day bookings. A half day runs from either 9AM to 1PM or from 2PM to 6PM, and a full day is from 9AM to 6PM. Find out the prices by making an enquiry today!

What does the price include?

Our venue rental comes inclusive of a variety of Amenities so you can stress less!

Can I arrange Events afterhours or during the weekend?

Blueprint Event Venues operate from 9AM to 6PM on weekdays. We are closed on weekends and public holidays. For your Events that occur outside of our operating hours and days, a surcharge is applicable, and bookings are subject to availability.

I just need a space for a few hours. Is there an hourly rate option?

All Event Venues are available for half day or full day bookings. A half day runs from either 9AM to 1PM or from 2PM to 6PM, and a full day is from 9AM to 6PM. If you are looking for a Meeting Room for a few hours, find out more from our Community Team for the range of options available.

What happens after I make a booking request? Is a deposit required to secure my booking?

Once you have submitted your enquiry to us, our Events Team will get in touch with you within 1 working day. A proposal will be prepared for your consideration, and you are welcome to drop by for a site visit. Once you are ready to confirm, an Event License Agreement will be prepared for your booking confirmation. Payment in full is required prior to the Event Date.

Can I connect web-conferencing?

As part of the many amenities that come with your Event booking, you can use the WiFi network to connect to any web-based video-conference leveraging the camera, microphone and speaker on your own device. We can arrange for the screen to be projected onto the TV / projector in the Event Venue.

Can I just bring my USB memory stick for the presentation?

You will need to bring your own device which can be connected to the TV / projector in the Event Venue for presentations. We have HDMI and VGA cables on-site to help you connect. We can also help set-up wireless connection for the displays in Auditorium and B Suite.

What catering options are on hand? 

Feel free to arrange catering through our preferred catering partners or any other caterer(s) of your choice. Our Events Team will help coordinate on-site logistics with your caterers.

Where will my F&B be served?

All F&B (including the complimentary beverages and your self-arranged catering) will be served within your booked Event Venue.