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Flexible Workspaces

Flexible working has never looked and felt so good.

Welcome to Blueprint’s premium flexible workspaces at the heart of Taikoo Place! Whether you’re starting out solo, or part of a blossoming or fully-grown team, we’ve got you covered. Join our coworking community to enjoy the perks of networking with people across a variety of industries, access our exclusive Member Benefits and services, all whilst rubbing shoulders with the inspiring MNCs that surround Blueprint.

Depending on your needs, we provide two main workplace solutions - Coworking Space and Private Office. Our unique and versatile Private Offices cater towards those who value their own space, whilst our sleek and capacious Coworking Space offers the perfect opportunity to strike up chance conversations with your desk neighbors.

Coworking and Private Office Members collide in our ample communal areas. Our in-house Café, Lounge & Terrace expose our Members to potential business opportunities while facilitating the formation of new friendships. Comfortable furnishings and complimentary coffee and tea ensure that conversations keep flowing.

Got a question? Need an introduction? Pen run out of ink? Blueprint’s friendly Community Team are always ready to help, armed with a smile and our handy Facilities. They’ll show you where the milk is kept, introduce you to like-minded Members of the Blueprint Community (or other Taikoo Place tenants), so no one feels like a stranger. Better still, show up to our monthly Member Events including workshops, happy hours, birthdays, and more so that none of these great connections are missed.

If you’re looking for something a bit less permanent and a little more temporary, but still want to get in on all the fun and perks of Blueprint, be sure to check out our Other Memberships.

Walk in a Blueprint Member’s Shoes…

Start your day with an informal coffee meeting in the Café, before heading into the access-only coworking zone. You pick a neighbor’s brains about an SEO problem you’re having, and before you notice, it’s lunchtime: a healthy al fresco bite on the Terrace is the change of scene you need to reboot your creative juices.

A fellow member of the Blueprint Community has heard you might have the expertise they’re after, and you schedule a casual chat in the Lounge to discuss it further – over a pastry or two, of course. After an afternoon of pitching to clients in one of Blueprint’s fully-equipped Meeting Rooms (there’s 8 to choose from), grab a drink with your fellow Members on the Terrace and toast to another successful day.

Drop in or book a tour to visit our Flexible Workspaces at a time that suits you. At Blueprint, you’re always welcome to join our coworking community.

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