Flexible Medium Sized Event Venue Space in Hong Kong Blueprint


for up to 50 Persons

Let Blueprint take the headache of hosting 50 people away for you. Mid-scale events are like a middle child – they can be a handful, yet don’t necessarily get the attention and support that bigger events are spoilt with. Blueprint is here to help with our array of medium sized spaces for you to choose from that make sure you and your guests get the attention you deserve.

Auditorium Event Venue with Cushioned Tiered Seating Blueprint HK B Suite Theatre Setup for Conference Blueprint HK Café Space for Casual Events Blueprint HK Training Room for Small Group Meetings Blueprint HK


Tiered seating with cushioning

2 sets of ceiling mounted projectors and drop-down projection screens

2 handheld microphones plus 2 ear-set or clip microphones

Built-in speakers

Capacity: 50 persons

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Sit down and get comfy! The show is about to begin.

Auditorium Flexible Event Venue Space Blueprint HK

Let our Auditorium engage your audience to the max. A far cry from those drab lecture halls with their stiff-backed isolated chairs and monotonous colour schemes, our Auditorium offers great views from every seat allowing the presenter to orchestrate the room and ensure that no one in the audience misses a beat.

Our Auditorium’s unique design goes beyond its hip colours, careful décor, and innovative lighting. Its tiered seating for up to 50 persons is no accident or flight of fancy. Rather, its construction is the result of thoughtful attention paid to the comfort of its guests, allowance for collaboration, and connectivity between the speaker and his/her audience, regardless of where in the room they are. The end product of which has been brought to life in our Auditorium with its generous and cushioned sliding seating panels set in tiers and at amiable distances which facilitate discussion and debate amongst those convened, all whilst creating an intimate engagement with the host. The theatre-style setup makes it the ideal venue for presentations, fireside chats, seminars, screenings and panel discussions.

The stars of the show - speakers, presenters, panelists and show reels - have also been carefully catered for. They’re bound to feel confident and well supported by the made-to-measure technical specifications of our Auditorium. Ready to plug-and-play, the stage is set to make any one look like a pro. With two large-format projection screens delivering clear visuals and integrated speakers pumping out crisp audio, being seen and heard are an elevated experience in our Auditorium.

The stage is set. What are you waiting for?

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2 rooms available, side-by-side, 1 room per booking

2 sets of ceiling mounted projectors and drop-down projection screens per room

2 handheld microphones plus 2 ear-set or clip microphones

Built-in speakers

Flexible seating arrangements

Partitioning available

Capacity: 40 to 50 persons per room

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Kickstart some creative thinking by taking that meeting offsite and into one of Blueprint’s Training Rooms.

Training Room for Group Collaboration Blueprint HK

Gather the troops in our Training Rooms. Often, getting everyone on the same page requires getting everyone in the same room. Even if you have the space, the same dull décor, fluorescent overhead lighting, and greying whiteboard can stifle any twinkle of inspiration. Our Training Rooms are the perfect solution for those medium-sized group discussions, team building, presentations, workshops or seminars. Not only do they provide a change of scenery, natural light filters in through bi-fold windows which can also let the hub-bub from the Taikoo Place community flow in or be shut out. There’s also no need to be restrained to a seating formation, as there are plenty to choose from and arrangements can be customized for your event. This makes our Training Rooms conducive to full group sharing, small group discussions, breakouts, and more. With two drop-down projectors per Training Room, and ample space for flipcharts and whiteboards, drawing the attendees’ attention or getting them to huddle for brainstorming will be a breeze.

Training Room with Projector Screens Blueprint HK

Two troops? No problem. Blueprint has not one, but two of these Training Rooms. Like good soldiers, the two Training Rooms are lined up side-by-side making this duo a winning combination for workshops, concurrent focus groups and training sessions. You can command the regiment without having to do the drills and watch as each room fills to the brim with comradery, creativity and concentration. But wait, there’s more! Each Training Room can be further divided by partitions into smaller rooms (with one projector and screen per room). Control will still be yours but be warned that not even these partitions are able to contain the collaborations that will course within and across the rooms.

Come see for yourself if our Training Rooms are up to your task!

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Ultra-HD TV wall

75” TV with touch-screen technology

Built-in speakers

Portable microphone and speaker system

Crystal-clear video-conferencing

Capacity:  30 persons in boardroom setting
  40 persons in cocktail setting
  45 persons in theater setting

B Suite is in fact a double agent. Sleek and modern. Adaptable to various situations. Armed with the latest technology. With capacity to take on 50 persons at one time.

B Suite Boardroom Setup with TV Screens Blueprint HK

The agility of this small-scale multi-purpose event space is unrivalled. It looks good in any setting. Dressed for cocktails (standing), in a little black dress (boardroom table) for a boardroom meeting, or straight-laced (theatre) for those classroom presentations.

Its looks will get you a fair way, and its savvy and seamless ability to connect will get you to the finish line. B Suite is in-built to understand tech, and can connect with any device to its touch-screen TV or 6-panel TV wall. Like every good double agent, it is adept at creating diversions, which will have your guests seeing double as the two screens are synchronized. Need to get through to some overseas partners? B Suite says “piece of cake” as it activates its integrated Cisco video-conferencing or plug-and-play web-conferencing to facilitate conversations so that you see, hear and speak to your counterparts across the globe without a hair out of place.

Get the job done by hiring this double agent (or secret agent) today!

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Looking for something more informal? Check out our Lounge, Café & Terrace which you can privatise for your event.

What’s the price?

Our Event Venues are available for half day or full day bookings. A half day runs from either 9AM to 1PM or from 2PM to 6PM, and a full day is from 9AM to 6PM. Find out the prices by making an enquiry today!

What does the price include?

Our venue rental comes inclusive of a variety of Amenities so you can stress less!

Can I arrange Events afterhours or during the weekend?

Blueprint Event Venues operate from 9AM to 6PM on weekdays. We are closed on weekends and public holidays. For your Events that occur outside of our operating hours and days, a surcharge is applicable, and bookings are subject to availability.

I just need a space for a few hours. Is there an hourly rate option?

All Event Venues are available for half day or full day bookings. A half day runs from either 9AM to 1PM or from 2PM to 6PM, and a full day is from 9AM to 6PM. If you are looking for a Meeting Room for a few hours, find out more from our Community Team for the range of options available.

What happens after I make a booking request? Is a deposit required to secure my booking?

Once you have submitted your enquiry to us, our Events Team will get in touch with you within 1 working day. A proposal will be prepared for your consideration, and you are welcome to drop by for a site visit. Once you are ready to confirm, an Event License Agreement will be prepared for your booking confirmation. Payment in full is required prior to the Event Date.

Can I connect web-conferencing?

As part of the many amenities that come with your Event booking, you can use the WiFi network to connect to any web-based video-conference leveraging the camera, microphone and speaker on your own device. We can arrange for the screen to be projected onto the TV / projector in the Event Venue.

Can I just bring my USB memory stick for the presentation?

You will need to bring your own device which can be connected to the TV / projector in the Event Venue for presentations. We have HDMI and VGA cables on-site to help you connect. We can also help set-up wireless connection for the displays in Auditorium and B Suite.

What catering options are on hand? 

Feel free to arrange catering through our preferred catering partners or any other caterer(s) of your choice. Our Events Team will help coordinate on-site logistics with your caterers.

Where will my F&B be served?

All F&B (including the complimentary beverages and your self-arranged catering) will be served within your booked Event Venue.