"The Longest Distance Completed Champion goes to…Team Blueprint!" What an absolutely unforgettable Friday for our Community!
05 November, 2021
ArtisTree @ Taikoo Place
Congratulations to Team Blueprint for achieving such a remarkable result in the Taikoo Place 8-Hour Charity Spin. We collectively rode all 271km relentlessly, starting out strong and finishing even stronger. We are glad that our persistence and grit got us to the finish line and out-do the other 18 tenant contestants at Taikoo Place.

It was a great honor to participate in this Corporate Wellness Challenge with all of the stellar and kind-hearted riders which were a truly collaborative mix of Blueprint Member Companies and Event Venue Clients! With all your support, we spun even further than we could have ever imagined. We are so proud to have such a powerful and supportive Community!

Thanks to every spinner who is so determined to give out their best performance. We felt your passion and eagerness to represent Blueprint which ultimately got us the win! We couldn't make it this far without your willpower and stamina! Special thanks to our cheer squad who stuck around through the highs and lows. You were indispensable to our victory! Much gratitude also goes to those who donated to Mind HK , and voted for Team Blueprint's group photo on Facebook!

We're still buzzing from the high of the event and the win. We'll be sure to celebrate with the Community soon!

Last but not least, we really appreciate @taikooplace and @artistree for hosting such an incredible community event! We all had so much fun spinning and cheering in such a high-energy arena! We loved the lively music and vibes so much!

Once again, a big congratulations to Team Blueprint. We really did WHATEVER IT TAKES! Cheers!
Ride's Up! Team Blueprint is Ready for the Corporate Wellness Challenge!
Town Hall @ Blueprint
Team Blueprint doing “Whatever It Takes” by taking part in the Taikoo Place 8-Hour Charity Spin on the 5th November 2021. We are determined to spin hard to raise funds for Mind HK and look out for those suffering from mental burnout. Before the race day, we teamed up and captured the high spirit of Team Blueprint Riders at our spacious Town Hall. The visual outcome of the panorama was stunning and we are all so eager to get the most LIKES to win the "Best Team Photo Award".

Click the link to LIKE our photo on Facebook (please like the photo above in the album!)

Whilst you're here, please donate and support our amazing riders. All proceeds go to Mind HK. Here is the donation link:

Stay tuned to see if Team Blueprint features in any of the prize presentations!
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Blueprint Buzz: What Makes Blueprint a standout coworking space to you?
We reached out to some of our Members last month with our next Blueprint Buzz question – this time, asking them what makes Blueprint a standout coworking space to them. For this question, we made sure to choose a selection of Members on different Membership plans so we could get some well-rounded answers from different perspectives, such as what stood out to a Private Office Member versus what might stand out to a Flexi-Pass Member.

However, we found that quite a few things were standouts to all Members we asked, ranging from the friendliness of our Team, the good management of the space, efforts we put in for Community engagement, our position in the Taikoo Place community and its various initiatives, access to different sized Meeting Rooms, and even breathing space on our Terrace!

Thanks to all our wonderful Members who gave us such positive feedback and helped us appreciate our space even more! We hope to continue to provide awesome standout services to all of our Member Companies.
Blueprint Buzz: What Makes Blueprint a standout coworking space to you?
We reached out to some of our Members last month with our next Blueprint Buzz question – this time, asking them what makes Blueprint a standout coworking space to them. For this question, we made sure to choose a selection of Members on different Membership plans so we could get some well-rounded answers from different perspectives, such as what stood out to a Private Office Member versus what might stand out to a Flexi-Pass Member.

However, we found that quite a few things were standouts to all Members we asked, ranging from the friendliness of our Team, the good management of the space, efforts we put in for Community engagement, our position in the Taikoo Place community and its various initiatives, access to different sized Meeting Rooms, and even breathing space on our Terrace!

Thanks to all our wonderful Members who gave us such positive feedback and helped us appreciate our space even more! We hope to continue to provide awesome standout services to all of our Member Companies.
Blueprint's Cathy Hsieh On Innovation, Experimentation & Keeping Her Team Inspired
27 August, 2021
The Innovation Accelerator is a new initiative launched by Swire Properties designed to foster and encourage innovative thinking across the Company.
Recently, Innovation Accelerator chatted with Cathy Hsieh, Head of Operations, Blueprint about innovation and how she inspires her team to experiment with ideas and constantly improve the user experience for members.
Click the link to read the full interview and get inspired yourself!
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LIGHTS//OUT x Chickpea @ Blueprint Member Event
26 August, 2021
Blueprint joined forces with LIGHTS//OUT Boxing Club and Chickpea Canteen for a Member Event filled with explosive energy and mouth-watering meals!
Trainers from LIGHTS//OUT led our Members through a 40-minute high-intensity interval training workout to a combination of songs where we jumped, squatted, and shadowboxed to the beat! It was challenging yet extremely fun, especially the partner workouts at the end which inspired us to push ourselves to the limit.
The workout was followed by a well-deserved lunch lovingly prepared by our friends at Chickpea Canteen. Our Members chowed down on protein-packed hummus bowls, salads, and pita pockets in our Lounge – a refueling reward that was definitely earned!
We can’t wait for any future collaborations with LIGHTS//OUT and Chickpea Canteen – keep your eyes peeled for what’s next!
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Swire “Believe in Hong Kong” Exhibition at the HK Maritime Museum
27 August - 12 October, 2021
Hong Kong Maritime Museum
We have quite an amount of historical Swire artifacts around Blueprint, especially our homage to Taikoo Sugar in our Meeting Rooms and Cafe, auspicious calendar prints in the Lounge, and more hidden treasures!
This special exhibition features even more historic artifacts and pictures which bring Swire Properties' amazing growth to life with fun interactive experiences and photo booths.
Don't miss out on the chance to find out more about how one of Hong Kong's leading players has grown over the past century and a half! Check out this exhibition until mid-October 2021 - and swing by Blueprint to get a taste for some other cool artifacts as well!
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Get To Know Team Blueprint: Planning for Fun Community Enagement! - Insight from our Summer Intern Yannes Ho
Time flies and my 6 weeks as a Summer intern at Blueprint have come to an end. Some of you might wonder, what have I done so far? Well, let me tell you now!

Other than handling Members’ enquiries and operational matters, I was working on how to better engage our Community Members - through activities, events and promotional materials!

For example, I am so glad that many showed great interest and gave positive feedback on our Blueprint Boardgames Night. Not only is it a valuable opportunity for me to bond with our Members, it also allows Members to have some fun and connect with one another! If you missed it, no worries - we still have a 3rd session coming soon!

So if you see a some social media posts on an upcoming event next time, it might be planned or suggested by me! I’ll be on the lookout to see what Blueprint put together – I’m sure it’ll be awesome!
Blueprint Board Games Sessions: "Tien Gow/天九/Sky 9"
The Blueprint Board Games Club is now in full swing!
For our first few sessions, resident Blueprint Members Stanley & John have been taking the reins to teach our Community the rules of the cultural and historical dominoes game Tien Gow / Sky 9. The game play and scoring system is quite complex which is what makes the game so interesting. Players need to rely on good strategy (and often luck!) in order to win against their opponents.
Many Members have taken on the challenge of learning how to play, and each session has seen plenty of eager new faces! The game is somewhat of a dying art and not very many people still know how to play this historic and cultural game, so what luck that we have not only one but two Blueprint Members who still play this game and are keen to share its secrets with us!
What's next on the Board Games Club agenda? Stay tuned!
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Chickpea Canteen is open exclusively at Blueprint!
We are so excited to have the EXCLUSIVE Chickpea Canteen here with us at Blueprint!
Featuring a special and rotating array of dips, salads, and mains prepared fresh daily (alongside their signature hummus bowls, pita pockets, and saucy fries), Chickpea Canteen is open Monday-Friday from 11:30AM-6PM to satisfy all your cravings. Stop by and give them a taste - you'll be sure to keep coming back for more!
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Get To Know Team Blueprint: A Day At Blueprint's 2F Reception Desk - Insight from our Admin Assistant Emma Pang
Hello, my name is Emma, the Administrative Assistant in Blueprint. Except sitting at the reception desk and saying “Good morning” or “Hello” to our Members and the guests coming in Blueprint, do you know what else I need to work on every day? Let me share with you my day working at Blueprint’s 2F reception desk.

Receiving packages from couriers usually starts my day. Packages for our Members are all well received at 2F reception. Sometimes I can receive more than 10 packages from couriers in a day! What an amazing number! Another main task at Blueprint’s reception is to respond to guests’ general enquiries. As I am the first point to meet the guests when they enter Blueprint, if they have any questions to ask, it is important for me to first understand what they are interested in, so that I can direct them to my responsible colleagues who can cater to their needs.

Aside from the operational duties I mentioned above, I also take care of the administrative works for Blueprint (as you can see from my title). The admin works I need to handle include the ordering of consumables, following up with contractors regarding any quotations received or contract renewal, payment settlement with vendors, and many others. The ability to multi-task is important as I need to pay attention to the guests coming in and out Blueprint, and at the same time, I have to work on the admin tasks at the reception desk.

That’s all for my day working in Blueprint. I hope you understand more of my work!
14 June - 31 August, 2021
Taikoo Park
Michael Craig-Martin’s series of artworks are now on display at Taikoo Park! His installation "HEADPHONES, HIGH HEEL, BRIGHT IDEA" joins the previously implemented "Please Be Seated" installation by Paul Cocksedge, effectively turning Taikoo Park into an art park this Summer!
Come take a look at (and perhaps some fun selfies with) these striking larger-than-life steel sculptures before the end of August when they get permanently relocated to Taikoo Li Qiantan in Shanghai.
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Exclusive Pop-Up Gig at Blueprint by Project After 6: Music Works & MOOV
18 June, 2021
Blueprint was lucky to be the stage for an exclusive pop-up gig! Joined by local celebrity guests ToNick and Charlie, our Members enjoyed a spontaneous Friday afternoon music boost in our Town Hall, our largest and most flexible Event Venue.
A big thank you to the musical performers and Swire Properties' Project After 6 initiative for organizing such a great Music Works event (in collaboration with streaming service MOOV).
It was great fun having music brought right to our Members' coworking and office space doorstep, whilst utilizing our Town Hall for such a creative and fresh event. Of course, adequate social-distancing measure and safety precautions were taken prior to and during the performance, which enabled everyone involved to have a fun yet safe experience!
Stay tuned for more exclusive pop-up gigs happening around Taikoo Place - maybe your office space will be next!
Blueprint Buzz Question 2
We recently hand-picked some Blueprint Members we thought were best (digitally) suited to answer our latest Buzz question: What are your top tips for Digital Transformation?.
The results are in - and our participating Members strongly agreed that when thinking about Digital Transformation, we should be going with a simpler approach rather than looking at everything all at once.

We came across words of digital wisdom such as:
"Big goals are necessary, but remember that growth is found in your roots.”
“Take stock of what you do today and what you’d like to do differently.”
“Know thyself and make realistic visions of your future.”
"We also need to help people go through the transition and manage their emotional state along the journey i.e. the SARAH curve: Shock, Anger, Resistance, Acceptance and High Hope.”

In short, Digital Transformation is all about the process and building up from your roots. Before thinking about all the 'big data' or technology involved, make sure you have a solid foundation and understanding of what you want to achieve in order to succeed. It's important to first establish what you want to achieve and define your goals clearly before starting your innovation processes and strategy.
ArtisTree Selects: Light In/Out Film and Exhibition
24 May - 08 June, 2021
As part of Swire Properties’ Arts Month 2021, the ArtisTree Selects: Light In/Out Film and Exhibition invites visitors to experience the film that marries the colourful bubble dresses created by Norwegian artist Fredrik Tjærandsen and mesmerising images of his work in this immersive experience!.
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"Please Be Seated" Comes To Taikoo Park
19 May, 2021
Taikoo Park
Designed by the acclaimed London-based artist, Paul Cocksedge, Hong Kong’s very own “Please Be Seated” has debuted at Taikoo Place. Inspired by the ebb and flow of city life, the piece merges innovation, sustainability and art. It features arches that rise up and curve under to make space for people to pass through, or stop and enjoy a moment of relaxation. Constructed using sustainably sourced timber, this latest addition to the Taikoo Place Artwalk Collection will be on permanent display at Taikoo Park for the community to enjoy.
An earlier version made its debut in China in 2020 and has been making waves during its tour across Swire Properties’ developments in Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing.
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Scaleup Impact Summit 2021
25 - 26 May, 2021
Blueprint is proud to be a Community Partner of Scaleup Impact Summit by which is going hybrid! With 100+ scaleups, 1,000+ investors, and more than 20,000 unique attendees, we look forward to enjoying this inspirational day.
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SPL’s Placemaking Academy Wins Big at the 2021 Event Marketing Awards!
Blueprint would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Swire Properties’ Placemaking Academy students for their amazing achievement at the 2021 Event Marketing Awards! The team won not one but two Gold awards in the Best Creative Idea and Best Public Event categories.
The second edition of the Academy saw 21 students from four Hong Kong universities take up an apprenticeship (from July to December 2020) to design, plan and execute the Company’s year-end community celebration – the White Christmas Street Fair.
During this time, Blueprint acted as a home base for these students and they were able to come up with their fantastic ideas inside of our Coworking Space facilities. Our flexible Event Venues also proved very useful when helping them pitch and present their ideas to various audiences in safe yet vibrant environments such as our Auditorium and Town Hall.
Once again, a big congratulations to all the Placemaking Academy students involved, and Blueprint is very happy we got to play a role in fostering their innovation.
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Start-Up Express Programme 2021
12 March - 29 June, 2021
Right from our early days as an accelerator programme, Blueprint has always been supportive of nurturing start-ups and helping them achieve their big dreams. So we are proud to be a Supporting Organization for Start-up Express 2021, the start-up development programme organised by the HKTDC. Through a series of capability building, mentoring sessions and marketing activities, the programme aims to assist local start-ups in building connection, exploring markets, seeking partners and enhancing brand awareness.
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Blueprint Buzz Question 1
With our new Blueprint Buzz Question-and-Answer Series, our Members can stay connected, share knowledge, and gain special insight and words of wisdom from all backgrounds and areas of expertise!
For our first question, all our Members were invited to tell us what their favourite lunch spots around Quarry Bay are! With the answers in hand, we created a handy and interactive Google map detailing all our Blueprint Buzz Lunch Spots – check it out below for some lunch inspiration you can find right at Blueprint's doorstep!
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Blueprint's Event Venues Are Ready To Welcome You Back
Ready to get back to event planning? Ease your way back into it with a special 40% discount on all of Blueprint’s safe and restriction-friendly Event Venues! .
Test the waters by keeping it small in our Boardroom or amp up the connectivity by jumping straight into our Town Hall which is currently large enough to socially distance up to 40 persons. Check out our full range of Event Venues that are ready and waiting for you.
Our all-inclusive rental packages come with high-quality AV equipment for hassle-free video-conferencing, and our health and safety measures ensure a worry-free experience.
As government restrictions change from time to time, Blueprint will always ensure the setup of your Event complies to the most recent and relevant restrictions at the time of your booking.
Click the link below to enquire today!
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Swire Properties' SD Report 2020 - Livelihood - Highlights of Blueprint
Blueprint provided smart flexible working solutions for companies and individuals during 2020 as more people become familiar with work-from-home policies. Our all-inclusive facilities and flexible plans helped to support the livelihood of our community during these uncertain times.
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Protective Measures Around Blueprint
Blueprint has remained committed to caring about our Members’ and Guests’ health and safety. During this time, we continue to implement the following measures around Blueprint:

Regular Cleaning and Disinfection
- Regular cleaning of all areas of Blueprint including Work Zones (Coworking Space and Private Offices) and Common Areas (Café, Lounge, pantry areas, and washrooms) and frequent disinfection of high-touch areas such as door knobs and switches.

Temperature Checks and Health Declarations
- Body temperature checks are carried out at Reception for anyone entering Blueprint
- QR code for the LeaveHomeSafe app available for visitors to scan and record their visits.
- Guests and visitors entering Member-Only Work Zones or our Event Venues must complete a Health Declaration upon entering Blueprint.

Safe Social Distancing Measures
In addition to the above measures, we follow all contemporaneous government restrictions such that:
- Masks must be worn throughout Blueprint;
- Group seating in the Café and Lounge adheres to maximum limits; and
- We work closely with Event bookings to ensure venue set-up and arrangements are within the guidelines.
MarketingPulse ONLINE 2021
30 - 31 March, 2021
Blueprint is proud to support HKTDC MarketingPulse ONLINE! Under this year's theme “Marketing for GOOD”, MarketingPulse ONLINE will lead the discussion on how marketing and creativity can contribute positive energy to all stakeholders, society and the world. he two-day virtual conference will bring you inspirational sharing from brands and agencies, practical marketing know-how through a series of workshops, as well as networking opportunities connecting you with marketers in Hong Kong and around the world.
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International Women's Day 2021
08 March, 2021
On International Women's Day 2021, we chose to take part in #ChooseToChallenge by raising our hands high to call out gender bias and inequality. We also screened a few different IWD webinars in our Lounge for Members to come enjoy and support the occasion.
[Digital Transformation] Scale up your business with low budget in 2021 - Wantedly x FastLane x Workstem
01 March, 2021 at 18:00
Blueprint is the proud venue sponsor for our BMTK Partner FastLane's webinar on Digital Transformation! In collaboration with Wantedly and Workstem, they invite us to explore smart-working solutions for time-poor entrepreneurs.
Key takeaways:
- Common pitfalls of entrepreneurs fall into
- Change of business practice changes since the pandemic
- How to gain an edge on competitors by streamlining your business
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Lunar New Year Celebrations 2021
18 February, 2021 at 14:30
Our Members enjoyed a virtual Lion Dance viewing with some festive Chinese New Year treats (peanut dumplings, sesame cookies, and more!) and generously 'fed the lion' - i.e put donations towards Feeding Hong Kong to support those less fortunate during the Lunar New Year.
British Chamber Business Angel Programme
If you have a great idea or a business venture you’re looking to jump-start, the Business Angel Programme is here to help! Open to all start-ups and SMEs, the programme aims to connect entrepreneurs with Angel Investors, giving you the opportunity to present your business ideas to potential investors. With guidance along the way, they provide feedback from industry experts, mentorship, and presentation training.
Happy Lunar New Year from Team Blueprint!
Kung Hei Fat Choy from Team Blueprint! Wishing all Blueprint Members' and their families a happy, healthy & prosperous Year of the Ox!
Christmas GIft-Giving Member Event
17 December, 2020
Blueprint Town Hall
To celebrate the holidays, we got creative this year with our Christmas Gift-Giving session in the Town Hall!
There were freebies up for grabs as well as a range of thoughtful gifts for all our Members to win through a Lucky Draw.
Some Members also chose to take part in Secret Santa, where they were randomly given the name of another Member and tasked with buying them a present within a HK$100 budget.
The event garnered a great Christmas turnout and we were happy to see so many masked-but-smiling faces winning their presents!
#PinkSteps Walkathon Challenge
20 October, 2020
We put in our (pink) steps for a good cause in October. As part of Bravera's #PinkSteps Walkathon Challenge, we walked to raise breast cancer awareness and donated towards Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation whilst we did it!
Blueprint sponsored 5 Members to take on the Walkathon Challenge, which required participants to walk 21KM at their own pace within 7 days. All proceeds went directly to the HKBCF for breast cancer research.
We want to thank all of our Members who took part in the Challenge and congratulations to those who were able to hit their goal of 21KM!
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She Loves Tech
26 September, 2020
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G.R.E.E.N Hospitality
24 September, 2020
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Harvesting at The Loop with Rooftop Republic
09 October, 2020
The Loop
Our two urban farming sessions with Rooftop Republic were a lot of fun, and what made one of them even better was that we were able to donate our harvest to those in need. We were taught the basics of harvesting during our first urban farming session at The Loop. As a group, we managed to pool together 5.35kg of fresh sweet potato leaves which were then generously donated to Feeding Hong Kong.
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Community Committee Nominations
02 November, 2020
The Committee stands as a platform for Members to 'have a say' through a dedicated channel for dialogue with our Community Team, discussing things such as events, initiatives, and other things you'd like to see at Blueprint.
PALO IT B Corp Certified
A huge congratulations to PALO IT on their exciting milestone - becoming the FIRST tech company in Hong Kong to earn B Corporation status!
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HK Living Guide ad
20 February, 2020
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